Cooling system ChipBLASTER ChipCHILLER

  • Stand alone coolant chiller

  • Cooling power 10.000 W (34.000 BTU)

  • Both absolute temperature set point and ambient temperature tracking

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High Performance Chillers

The ChipCHILLER is used to control temperature in the machining process. ChipBLASTER offers a standard 10.000 Watt unit complete with ambient tracking controller (coolant temperature tracks ambient temperature at a constant, adjustable differential, displays both ambient & coolant temperature), automatically controls coolant temperature to within +/- 0.3°C of set point. Stand alone ChipCHILLER are best used in applications where the customer is machining exotic materials, meets very tight tolerances on their parts, or has a small total coolant volume.

The highly efficient TEFC 3-phase motor is industrial standard. All ChipCHILLER are compatible with pending environmental standards for HFO-1234yf. Also HFO-1234yf has an excellent environmental property: GWP = 4. The ChipCHILLER Uses 75% less refrigerant than standard drop-in chiller, which is resulting in 75% less potential environmental impact.

Machine connection

ChipBLASTER systems are designed for using standard plug configurations. Our standard interface cables utilize these connections on both ChipBLASTER unit and machine tool sides. We are able to also supply female connector sockets for wiring on the customer’s machine tool side. In addition, we approve and supply customer specific interfaces, as required (with extra cost).


Технические данные
Мощность охлаждения [W]10.000
max. volume [l/min]50
Мощность двигателя [кВт]0.74
Tank (L)0
КОНТАКТ Tel: +49 (0) 611 5101990 Электронная почта:
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